Overview of the Organic Chocolate Market

From being a niche market catering to the health-conscious with major fitness goals to a mainstream health treat, organic chocolate and candy have become a go-to for many people. Many people nowadays prefer everything organic. When organic chocolates and candy first got on the market, it was not eagerly bought due to being expensive.

Pricewise, organic chocolate has been seen as an extremely luxurious treat not being available to all as it is not as affordable as conventional products on the market. This is due to the organic products containing ingredients that are not easily obtained and not as affordable to manufacture as usual chocolate.

As organic is now becoming a trend among everyone who chooses to be healthier in their lives with what they consume, the basic prices are dropping and becoming more accessible to more people.

In turn, becoming a trend and demanding more recipes and other elements and flavours that are local organic manufacturing is taking the responsibility of ensuring that the organic chocolate industry is thriving. This helps local manufacturing to thrive and provides more jobs, and keeps money in the town.

When reading up on some of the most popular gourmet chocolate brands in Australia, it becomes obvious how organic cocoa and its sourcing are meeting sustainability and fair trading practices. As organic farming is a more sustainable alternative when it comes to food production, it is not only the consumers who are consuming healthier foods and ingredients bought the world benefits as well from the greener farming initiatives.

Due to confectioneries being known for not being the healthiest products on the market, dark chocolate has long been the go-to choice for many who are looking for alternatives with better nutritional values. With the already healthier values of dark chocolate, it is now widely the healthiest and most popular chocolate, even in the organic confectionery market.

With the demand for organic products growing at a rate of 20-30% each year in Australia, it is estimated that more than six out of every ten households are consuming organic foods. This is a step into the future for a healthier lifestyle overall which can help prevent many health problems that the world has been facing.