Most Successful Gourmet Australian Chocolate Brands

There are probably more Australian chocolatiers than any connoisseur or consumer can predict. With the high number of chocolate brands in Australia making gourmet chocolates, it’s no secret that Aussies love their chocolaty treats.

These are among the most popular award-winning chocolates made locally with a dedication to bringing Aussies premium chocolate with organic and healthy ingredients.

Melbourne Cocoa

Melbourne Cocoa was established nearly 25 years ago in Victoria’s Yarra Valley to great success in creating local and intriguing gourmet chocolate. The recipes are based on chocolates that the owners experienced through Valrhona chocolate in Europe. Experience exquisite flavours, textures, and names that will make you appreciate each bite even more.

Jasper + Myrtle

One of the smallest chocolate manufacturers on this list. Jasper + Myrtle is based in Canberra and produces chocolate where ingredients are ethically sourced from Peru and Papa New Guinea. They have won numerous awards for their recipes, including the 2020 Gold international chocolate award for their Bougainville PNG 66% Dark Chocolate.


Zokoko is a proud Australian chocolate brand established and operated by chocolatier Michelle Morgan. Zokoko is well known for its Alto Vene Bolivian dark chocolate, which has won a gold award at the Sydney Royal Chocolate Competition. Zokoko is located in Eco Blue and produces some of the most popular gourmet chocolates in Australia.

Monsieur Truffe

Monsieur Truffe started up in 2006 and has shown great popularity among Australian chocolate connoisseurs. The chocolates are manufactured locally, and the brand has an online store selling its international award-winning chocolates to the public.

Bahen & Co

Made by winemakers, you can expect to have a tasteful experience with Bahen & Co. The company’s transition into chocolate created a new love for the vintage age of crafting chocolate. Even their equipment used in the batch process is vintage machinery which contributes to their chocolates becoming instant classics when looking for something different.

With so many chocolatiers in Australia, the love for gourmet chocolates is growing at a fast rate. The spike in popularity is causing the market to steadily grow into a highly productive industry. Try any of the gourmet chocolate brands on this list for a tasteful sweet experience.