At Kinnerton Magazine, we strive to keep our readers up to date on all the latest news and statistics on the confectionery industry of Australia. With many local and international brands of candy and chocolate being sold in the country, chocolate is seen as the most popular in the industry and sells in large volumes.

With local as well as imported products, the chocolate industry in Australia is productive with its manufacturing and importing duties. With the market being ever-evolving many new products are being introduced frequently. We provide details on all these brands, what’s new in the market, and how the industry is growing and becoming more popular.

Chocolate Brands

Chocolate Brands are constantly being reinvented and reintroduced in Australia. With word famous brands producing various chocolate products, we look at what makes these products special in Australia and what they bring into the market.

Learn all there is to know about the chocolate brands, how they are manufactured in Australia, which ones are imported and much more about the products and the industry.

News and Reviews

If you want to stay up to date on the confectionery industry, visit Kinnerton magazine regularly. Here you can learn all about the industry and receive news on the manufacturers and how the market is flowing with local and international products.

To discover chocolate the way you have never seen it before, with industry facts, stats, and much more, visit or contact Kinnerton magazine frequently. We can guarantee interesting and factual reads that will take you into a market that you never knew was so productive.

With the market of confectionery producing so much more than chocolate, we look at all aspects of the industry and how it influences society, as well as provide nutritional information that should be considered by all consumers.