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Kinnerton Confectionery Australia Pty Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Kinnerton Confectionery Company in the UK, (Click here for our UK Operations), a company established over 30 years ago. Kinnerton is unique in that its product portfolio is almost exclusively Character based and uses the most topical and popular licenses of the day such as Ben10, My Little Pony, Thomas The Tank Engine, Hello Kitty, TopGear, & The Simpsons.

Possibly one of the most important features and real benefits of Kinnerton chocolate to consumers is, NUT SAFETY PROMISE (Click for details).

Chocolate produced in our UK factory is made in a secure environment where absolutely everything is isolated from “the outside world” to ensure there can be no contamination from nuts in any shape or form. Until Easter 2005 all Easter eggs sold in Australia by Kinnerton were made locally and as such were not nut free. Our packaging reflected this with the appropriate nut warning. However consumers have come to expect Kinnerton branded products to be nut free and due to this, for Easter 2005 we imported almost all our eggs from our UK facility. From this point in time all Kinnerton branded chocolate will be imported from the UK and the packaging will reflect this and carry our NUT SAFETY PROMISE. There may be products that we will import from other suppliers. These products will carry another brand name but will state on the packaging that it was “Imported into Australia” by Kinnerton. (This is a legal requirement). This packaging must be checked for any statement regarding nuts.

It has been quite amazing and rewarding to receive so much email and telephone contact from people who one way or another have discovered Kinnerton products in Australia and want to buy the chocolate for their children - some of whom have not eaten chocolate before. Just imagine being a child and being exposed to the mass of advertising and in-store displays of chocolate, watching your friends and others eating chocolate and not being able to enjoy the pleasure yourself. Now they can experience the pleasure themselves.

To contact us in Australia:
By Post: 501-502 Level 5, 815 Pacific Highway, Chatswood, NSW, 2067
By Phone: 02 9413 3149
By Fax: 02 9413 3678
By Email: infoaus@kinnerton.com.au

To contact our UK Office:
By Post: 1000 Highgate Studios, 53-79 Highgate Road, London, NW5 1TL
By Phone: 0011 44 207 2849500
By Fax: 0011 44 207 2849502
By Email: sales@kinnerton.com